Health Assessment Form

  • Capture, Monitor, and Analyze COVID-19 Risk Exposure on the Jobsite in Real Time
  • Allow Compliance and Safety Employees to Change Status of Potential Cases and Document Through Notes and Photos
  • Identify Workers That Have Potentially Interacted with COVID-19 Affected Crew Members

Health Assessment Form

In light of the COVID-19 situation, Rhumbix has developed a new custom workflow to help our construction partners better capture, monitor, and analyze COVID-19 exposure risk on the jobsite. The Rhumbix Health Assessment Form enables teams to better monitor potential crew exposure and digitally share reports directly from the field utilizing a mobile-first Foreman App in real time.

Rhumbix is committed to helping ensure the health and safety of those workers who serve on jobsites. To this effort, we are offering the Health Assessment Form for only $5 per user per month plus a one time implementation fee. Tracking potential COVID-19 cases is better when you can also track potential crew exposures via Rhumbix Timekeeping or Daily Construction Reports.

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