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Meet Guy Skillett. He spent ten years on Bechtel jobsites building airports, bridges, smelters and mines on five different continents. He worked on everything from environmental management of dredging operations to project controls on capital installations for the largest mining companies. After leaving Bechtel Guy completed a master’s degree in construction management and worked as a visiting research scholar at UC Berkeley’s Project Production Systems Laboratory (P2SL). He now heads up the Rhumbix construction innovation team. At Rhumbix, Guy has worked with companies like Hensel Phelps, Suffolk, DPR, and Turner on their automation and digitization initiatives to improve productivity and efficiency where it matters most.

One of Rhumbix's company values is 'Worker's First' and advancing the construction industry. In that light, we'd like to help you on your digitization journey.

We're offering free consultative sessions with Guy to discuss:

  • How to evaluate new technology as part of a digitization strategy
  • Best practices for budgeting, field production tracking and analytics
  • Getting more out of your timekeeping data with PowerBI and advanced reporting
  • How to make better use of field data when using automated solutions and the cloud

You'll leave with a more in-depth understanding of digitization on the worksite, with absolutely no further obligations.

To schedule a meeting with Guy, please fill out the form to the right and a Rhumbix representative will reach out to you shortly.

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